Skinner Kirk Dance Ensemble

"Played out like a dancer's dream of applied geometry."
~ Oregonian

Production Details

  • Running Time: 25 minutes
  • Choreography: Eric Skinner
  • Music: Original live music Tim and Max Ribner; pre-recorded: Stephen Scott and Amon Tobin
  • Costumes: Rachelle Waldie
  • Lighting: James Mapes
  • Dancers: Holly Shaw, Zachary Carroll, Brennan Boyer, Eric Skinner, Daniel Kirk
  • Sculptures: Conceived by Eric Skinner, realized by Sumi Wu
  • Premiere: BodyVox Dance Center, Portland, Oregon


  • " Instead of simply dancing inside or out of the sculptures, the dancers defied our expectations, constantly stepping in and out of the barrels, penetrating the gaps between slats with arms and legs. It was an exciting decision."
    ~ Portland Monthly

Juxtaposed (2012)

Juxtaposed contrasts the softness of the human body against the stark lines of two conical, articulating, prism-like sculptures. Dancers move in and out, under and around them throughout the piece. Performed with a rich layering of live and pre-recorded music.

photos: David Krebs