Production Details

  • Running Time: 20 minutes
  • Choreography: Eric Skinner & Daniel Kirk
  • Music: Original score written and performed byTim Ribner
  • Costumes: Eric Skinner & Daniel Kirk
  • Lighting: Scott Nelson
  • Dancers: Vanessa Thiessen, Eric Skinner, Daniel Kirk
  • Work in Progress Premiere: The Yard on Martha’s Vineyard, MA


  • "Fresh out of the studio and out of the thinking minds and bodies of these people."
    ~ David White, Executive Director, The Yard

Nat's Farm (2014)

Originally created on Martha's Vineyard at The Yard for the 2014 Bessie Schonberg Residency, Nat’s Farm is inspired by the directors' decades-long relationship with the island. Referencing the Vineyard's Aquinnah Cliffs and the Flying Horses Carousel in Oak Bluffs, the work creates a sense of place and memory through movement and music. The original score incorporates an interview with a Wampanoag Tribal Elder backed by field recordings from around the island.

photos: Sally Cohn