Skinner Kirk Dance Ensemble

"Well-structured dance performed with musical and technical rigor."
~ Wilamette Week


Selected Dance Works

Nat's Farm (2014)
Inspired by our decades long relationship with the island of Martha's Vineyard...
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Within the Lines
Within the Lines (2014)
Conceptually motivated by the word 'fear' this work incorporates ideas of tension, perspective, and space...
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Juxtaposed (2012)
Contrasts the human body against the stark lines of two conical, corrugated plastic sculptures...
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Belmont (2012)
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Obstacle Allusions
Obstacle Allusions (2011)
An understated suite of romantic duets and group interactions made tricky by a series of low hanging...
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Urban Sprawled
Urban Sprawled (2007)
Considers beauty and apathy, romance and solitude in the hectic pace of life in an urban environment...
Suspended in Mid-Air
Suspended in Mid-Air (and about to collapse) (2002)
A study in the formal structures found in corps de ballet work set against...
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X-Axis (2002)
A multimedia collaboration in dance, video, aerial work and performance art narrative, X-Axis merges real and...
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Apollo and Hyacinth
Apollo and Hyacinth (1998)
A one-act ballet that is a once tender, tragic and subtly erotic, Apollo & Hyacinth recounts the mythic tale of...
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